We offer a 6 week package of mix & match classes. Choose from Boxfit, Bootcamp or AbbzBooty. Choose from 1, 2 or 3 sessions per week. We have Limited Availability so book now to secure a place and get yourself in great shape. No membership required.

3 classes per week,  Home training plan, Diets and nutrition plan, Weekly check in, You choose your own classes, Full support & guidelines.

   9.30am 6pm  7pm
 Monday  Ladies Boxfit  Ladies Boxfit  Mens Boxfit
 Tuesday  Abbz Booty  Abbz Booty  
 Wednesday     Ladies Bootcamp  Mens Bootcamp
 Thursday  Ladies Bootcamp    
 Friday    Ladies Boxfit  Mens Boxfit
 Saturday  Abbz Booty    

Gym Bookings

£30 per person per session or 10 sessions for £270

Train with a Friend/Couples

£40 per session or 10 sessions for £360

Online Coaching

Prices vary per package

Gym Class

1 Class Per Week


Get in Touch

Contact us today & find out how Abbzfit can improve your health, fitness & well-being. We offer fun & fast fitness techniques from both the gym, & the comfort of your own home.