Terms & Conditions

This gym membership agreement entitles the member to access to AbbzFit facilities so long as all dues are current. Hours and specific location access are as follows:​​

Personal & Group Training

Personal training and fitness classes are offered by the gym, but are not included in the member’s membership dues. AbbzFit reserves the right to demand additional fees for any personal or group training that the Member chooses to participate in.


This gym membership serves as a liability release, pursuant to which the Member agrees to indemnify and hold AbbzFit harmless against any and all claims of loss or damage without limitation.

Gym Rules & Participation

The Member hereby agrees to abide by all posted safety guidelines and regulations while using AbbzFit facilities and equipment. Additionally, the Member agrees to dress and conduct themselves in a manner deemed appropriate for a fitness facility.​

The Member shall not consume drugs, alcohol, or tobacco products on AbbzFit property. The Member agrees not to photograph or videotape on AbbzFit property. AbbzFit reserves the right to revoke the Member’s access if these terms are violated.

Gym Membership Cancellation

This gym membership may be cancelled by providing written notice, in person, at AbbzFit. If the gym membership contract is cancelled prior to contract expiration date, the Member agrees to pay a cancellation fee of cancellation fee.

If the Member must cancel this gym membership contract due to military service or relocation to an area more than 25 miles from a AbbzFit facility, the Member may cancel without paying the cancellation fee.